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Prices & More Info

Our Prices

We offer a 10% HERO discount.

Loyalty  discounts may be offered for those clients who wish to have regular or recurring appointments set in advance. Certain time slots may be eligible for discounts.

**Prices reflect assessed surcharge after 5pm, weekends, holidays & extreme sessions booked with *Julie (due to the quality, thoroughness,  ultra strength & effort exerted during her unique, 5 star ~ award winning signature routine – most other practitioners are unable to provide)

Sessions are actual hands-on time, not door-to-door like most salons, so compare prices fairly. We provide a 5 star quality, luxury service at the painful expense of our hands, please do not haggle. My massage IS the SPECIAL! My standard session is a perfectly balanced combination of Swedish for relaxation and Deep Tissue work.  I can accommodate a strong, aggressive, tap out massage as is my signature 90-180 minute session.

We are NOT a discount salon- rather, we strive for excellence – satisfaction guaranteed. Enjoy a 5 star rated massage.  If its not the BEST massage you have EVER had- simply excuse yourself within the 1st 15 minutes – with our compliments.

Please be respectful ~ sessions by appointment please.  $35-75 Deposits required at time of booking, non-refundable if less than 8 hour notice per cancellation policy.

Price Guidelines ~ subject to changes and adjustments.

WT Limit: Julie does not offer bariatric care and will refer out within salon.

 #230 lb weight limit (excluding bodybuilders- who are always accommodated) 

Massage Service VIP M-F / 9-5 **Night – W/E – Holidays
30 min. Local-Focus $30 $35/*$40 +$5    (only avail for kids or ongoing care)
60 min. Swedish $60* $65 $75  (good for frail/elderly/petite/fibro/kids)
60 min. Deep Tissue $65 $75 $85      (good for <5’5″ – <115 lb frame)
90 min. Swedish $85 $95 $105    (good for pregnant moms)
90 min. Deep Tissue $95 $105 $115    (good for >5’5″ – > 115 frame)
120 min. Swedish* $115 $125 $135       * not ussually feasible
120 min. Deep Tissue $125 $135 $145 (>6″3″, >175 – or body builders 2-3 hrs)

* Add Hot Rocks or Sugar Scrub +$15 (adequate notice required).
* Add Extreme Vibration Therapy +$5 (10 minutes additional)
Couples Educational Massage Workshop 3 hour session – $225
Taxi service- FREE LOCAL service, $25 Round trip- Downtown Greenville
All other services- call for prices

Our Policies


Please be respectful and courteous. This is a PROFESSIONAL ATMOSPHERE with trained, licensed practitioners. DO NOT do or say anything to us that you would not do or say to your doctor. Address us in the same manner you would to any other health practitioner.  Any inappropriate comments, behavior, gestures or innuendo will immediately terminate your session at our full rate and without refund, and you will be promptly escorted off our premises.  Failure to pay will constitute theft of service.

Draping Policy

You WILL be draped per South Carolina law and appropriate standards- please DO NOT suggest otherwise.  We only expose the portion currently being worked on. You may undress to your comfort level for all massages (or spraytans) however gluteal or psoas work requires access and exposure to same.

No Show / No Call / Tardiness /  Cancellations

A debit or credit card is required to secure your session, and a $35-$75 fee will be assessed for any no show/no call or cancellation less than 8 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. Please be mindful that anything less than 24 hours notice causes detriment to our uncompensated staff and eligible clients who have been turned away when you scheduled your appointment. Time is the core of our business, so mutual respect is asked to keep the value of our services and your time proportionate.  Excessive tardiness may require may require limited session at full rate.

Your Massage

While a single massage session of sybaritic pleasure is beneficial, its effects are cumulative via a regular maintenance routine for optimal health. We offer loyalty maintenance package discounts to facilitate homeostasis as opposed to acute crisis management.

Our doors are locked during session.  Please DONT arrive more than 5-10 minutes prior to your scheduled session time but do allot for 5-10 mins of paperwork in addition to your session.  It is best NOT to be rushed ex: during a lunch break.

We provide toiletries for your personal hygiene, convenience and comfort for all parties.  We strive to give you a relaxing and pleasant aromatic atmosphere.  We appreciate your good hygiene and being SMOKE FREE.  If you are not fresh and haven’t recently showered , or are soiled, PLEASE reschedule.  Please refrain from arriving with new tattoos, body stubble, nicotine (or patches), garlic or curry, rashes, open skin, back acne, fever, contagious, medication patches, testosterone cream, skin tags, scaly skin, skin horns, or any other untoward condition. 

What to expect after your massage session:

You may experience wooziness after your massage due to the toxins being re-flushed into the circulatory system and is alleviated by hydration and rest after your massage.  Temporary soreness may be expected after deep tissue manipulation or trigger point therapy and is remedied by anti-inflammatory medications, rest, hydration, a warm bath, and gentle stretching.